Monthly Archives: March 2005

      Ack, there has been so much rain, blech! I am aching for a little sunshine, I do believe that I’m starting to wilt a little And it’s funny how weather will affect one’s mood. For instance, the folks at work could tell that I wasn’t myself. One of the girls at work said “I can tell you’re in a bad mood because you’re only smiling, you usually laugh.” I think that that’s a remarkable kind of bad mood.

      Things got better though when the boss and I decided that Target should be run like Survivor so we can vote people out of the store…..Oh we cackled, did we ever!


Life is weird y’know? Weird weird weird…WEIRD….but in a good way

             Oh my god, I’ve just averted a crisis! I rule! I’m going to IOD on Saturday and I was almost SOL because I lent my songbook to this poor and unfortunate (irresponsible) person at work. I thought I was going to have to go on Amazon and re-order it, or pray that Borders would have a book with my song in it, but my dearest Karen came through for me and has a copy of the much needed sheet music !!! She rules!!!!!!!!!! So now I can audition free and clear! I feel damnded good.

I’ve decided that the word “if” sucks and I am henceforth removing it from my vocabulary. “If” is the dream killer. All the good things in my life are inevitable from this day forward. Now, I only have to get off my ass and truly turn “if” into “when”.

    ROCK ON!

      It’s March already and so I thought I really ought to make another entry. The only annoying thing is I really don’t have all that much to yak about, all I do is go to work. Yeah, I know, it could be worse. Outside of work the only thing I really have to report is that I am going back to Trumpet for the summer 🙂 I’ve signed the contract and am counting down the days!