Monthly Archives: May 2005

Karen kicks ass…that is all.  Oh and Tony is cool too….yeah!


    OMG, I am sucha geek! My sweetest Karen got an extra ticket for the midnight showing of Return of the Sith…….   Yay! Please god, don’t let it suck as abysmaly as episodes 1 & 2, even though I plan to have my eyes glued on Ewan McGregor’s very fine lightsaber….I mean ass THE WHOLE TIME. (And to any of the boys in the peanut gallery who may have rolled their eyes at that commet….shut up boys, I have one thing to say to you and that is : Natalie Portman’s tight-enough-that-we-knew-exactly-how-cold-it-is-in-space top that oh so strategicaly got ripped and showed off her abs in episode 2…so back off, I mean it, step the fuck back!)

    And if it does suck I will drag Andy to see the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and patiently explain to him exactly why is it so funny.


    So I broke a perfectly good streak, I finally relented to pressure from folks at work and went to a party…it was….interesting. I did enjoy myself in a sort of anthropological observation of drunk people way. And I’ll tell you what, I’m usually very good about saying no to a drink no matter how much begging there is (albeit the only people that have ever begged me to drink were ex-boyfriends, do you begin to understand why I don’t drink too often?….I’m always single     Anyway, am good at refusing the sauce, however Bolivians seem to have this almost mystical power to get a drink halfway down your gullet without you knowing or feeling it…they’re like freaking ninjas!

   So I wander into the kitchen, and suddenly I am surrounded by Bolivians. They hustle me over to the counter where Christian hands me this devil’s brew in a double shot that he has, with force, rendered frothing over. The concentrated evil was thrust into my hands and I chugged because I didn’t want to make a mess and…well, someone said in heavily accented English “I wonder eef she can handle eet?” little rule about Jeanne    alcohol + competitiveness = Just Do It .

   But I got off easy, they finally stopped pestering me to drink but that’s only because there was also a weak willed white boy at this party.

   Moral of the story: I don’t care how Irish you are, South Americans will drink you under the table.


    So here I am listening to 80’s music (Take On Me by Aha! for any who are interested) whilst downloading a bunch of Nine Inch Nails songs (I do like contrast) at butt:30 in the morning when I should be asleep. I have to open at work tomorrow, but here I am like a reject wide awake and feeling awesome. Why you ask? Because I like the people I work with @ Target but I hate retail…HAAAATE!! Hate in my hearrrrt! But in less than a week I’ll be gone gone gone!!! And anything else no matter how hard it is is better than the purgatory that is doing something you do not love. But retail really really sucks balls. You have good days and bad days at any job, but honestly there’s one inescapable fact about retail that makes it not worth it and it’s the animals who go shopping. People who scream abuse in the faces of folks who are just trying to earn their minimum wage all over a clearance item that got sold out. People who can’t walk 10 ft to put their cart away in the proper place. People who threaten to speak to your manager and have you fired just because they’re douche bags…the list goes on and on. I will miss the people I work with, but I won’t miss the scum that we serve.

   The thought of Trumpet right now seems like paradise, and I’ll keep telling that to myself throughout the summer. I miss theatre people! I want to not feel like such a freak of nature! I NEED TO BE REUNITED WITH MY PEOPLE!!! And that time is soon, and so I am on top of the world