Monthly Archives: June 2005

It’s Monday, I mean c’mon…..some rain would be most welcome tonight. Know what I mean? And it’s freaking Monday so it’s not like we’ll go bankrupt…. RAIN s’il vous plait RAIN por favor RAIN pretty please!!!!! 


It’s been a couple of wonderful days…

To do list

1. See new Batman movie.

2. Throw some people off the mountain.

3. Master the art of physical characterization.

4. Laundry

5. Write ‘The Great American Novel’.

6. Rewrite my Oscar speech.

7. Mail out Father’s Day card.

8. Throw some people off the mountain again, just to be sure…

9. Keep smiling.

10. Obtain the Holy Grail.

   You know I’d forgotten how much fun going to the drive-in can be. I literally hadn’t been to one in over a decade, not since I’d lived in Illinois. I almost didn’t go last night because I was feeling a little icky and somewhat cranky, but then Jenni gave me an “oh that’s crap” look, and I agreed with her. So, I saw Madagascar while chillin’ on my blanket and took a little time during the slow bits to kick it on my back and watch the stars. (Note to my smoker buddies, it’s kinda cool to go to the movies AND be able to smoke in the middle of it ) Yeah for Sundays!

    The Texas Dirt is mother, the Texas Dirt is father. All hail the Texas Dirt! But, in all seriousness I really do prefer the version of summer wherin I wear that silly shit as opposed to having my spirit broken daily as a technician. My life is good, and it only gets better (at least the way I look at it).

   And in conclusion, my roomates ROCK!