Monthly Archives: July 2005

Dear God,

    Thank you ever so much for reading the letter I wrote for you on our fridge.




The heart of man is not compound of lies,
but draws some wisdom from the only Wise,
and still recalls Him. Though now long estranged
Man is not wholly lost nor wholly changed.
Dis-graced he may be, yet is not de-throned,
and keeps the rags of lordship once he owned:
Man, Sub-creator, the refracted Light
through whom is splintered from a single White
to many hues, and endlessly combined
in living shapes that move from mind to mind.
Though all the crannies of the world we filled
with Elves and Goblins, though we dared to build
Gods and their houses out of dark and light
and sowed the seeds of dragons–’twas our right
(used or misused). That right has not decayed:
we make still by the law in which we’re made.

-J.R.R. Tolkien

Ohio is a strange place. For some reason it just will not WILL NOT rain between the hours of 8pm and 11pm….I just think that’s weird, and I deffinitely think that it violates some law of probability.

  Got my person for the Secret Santa, and I’m totally excited. I love Christmas in July!

I finnished the new Harry Potter yesterday and saw Charlie and the chocolate factory. Yay to both! Today also begins midnight rehearsals for Grease, more good times! Also have found an errant copy of Dinner and a Messiah, just have to tweak it a little to bring it up to scratch.

      So I played poker last night and it was down to Steve and myself…I wanted to go to bed so I went all in on a pair of 5’s and 4’s (not extremely foolish I assure you, and I was really tired) but that lucky so and so had a straight….. Anyway he gave me my investment  back, all of five dollars (and he really didn’t have too, so he’s a gentleman for doing it)  and like an ungrateful wench I looked at him and said “You’ve got to be fucking kiddding me!” So he gave me five more bucks so that I ended up making a profit.

    I don’t think the boys expected me to talk as much shit as I did… well, Steve saw it coming, but the other 6 boys didn’t. And I’m pretty sure that they’ve never had a girl offer to show them their boobies for the rest of their chips. (It never happened but the offer was on the table ’cause that’s the kind of classy babe I am)

   It was nice to have some guy time I have satisfied my inner Tom-boy.

TIRED! And a little cranky…but it could be worse…so I’m told

    Anyhow, I am all aflutter over the fact that Andy has already found us an apartment in LA. It’s in the same building where Patzi and Kahlil live. This arrangement is so much better than even my highest expectations.