Monthly Archives: August 2005

Hey, Laura remember this?

                                     GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!


    I don’t have a lot to say, but this made me laugh…

  Enjoy my friends. Enjoy.

   Well, I’ve bought my plane ticket for the 15th…wow….just wow… So at work they are really reluctant to let me go. The store manager offered to promote me if I would only stick around, and the guy in charge of the bakery (a fast talker from Brooklyn) tried to offer me a position as a cake decorator (it pays more) if I gave him the guarantee of staying for a year. Feels good! But I had to try and explain to retail managers that this wasn’t a move based on money but on happiness. Needless to say they laughed….quite a bit However, my favorite suggestion regarding what they’ll do because I’m leaving came from my HR Director, she wants to clone me!

   It’s an awesome feeling to know that I’m leaving something secure and familiar for a strange new land on a hope and a dream (btw my plane ticket cost $109 for those of you contemplating a visit *wink*) Plus there’s always the comfort that if L.A. sucks and I want to get away for a few months I’ll always have Trumpet. You hear that Trumpeteers? That’s right, I’m a glutton for punishment Deep down you all knew it was true!

   Well, it’s time for me to stop being lazy and do a proper entry that includes details about how I am and what’s going on (blah blah blah)

    So, here I am in Loudoun county…and I have to be back at work in 2 hours. Normally I would bitch about this, but it’s not like they’re actually going to make me bust my bum today We’re going to look at pictures, and they’re going to tell me how much they missed me! I know that sounds a trifle arrogant but my mom told me that they have been calling the house for days to make sure that I was really and truly coming back. My boss had me believing that I was supposed to be in at 8am (no way bitches) but it looks like they decided to have mercy and made it 11am. Good times.

    I really miss Trumpet, but what I miss most about it is living in a community of artists. The situation is a little different for someone who isn’t going back to college after Trumpet. I’m going from a tribe of theatre geeks who get who I am to retail geeks who are confounded by me. I miss my tribe. To all of you who are still in school, cherish it. It really is a great time, and when you graduate do everything humanly possible to stay in touch with your tribe. Spend a summer doing outdoor theatre, do community productions, move to New York, or Chicago, or L.A., go to grad school. Just never give up. If you can’t live without art and the creative process, then don’t live without it. You don’t have to settle down and get a traditional job and live a traditional life. Make sacrifices, take risks, trust your insticts and follow your dreams because that’s God speaking to the world through you. There are no limits, just people who give up. Someone has to make it big, why not us?

   To all my housemates I want to say. I love you all, and miss you. To the rest of my sweet Trumpet bitches I want to say I love you too

   P.S. It is 9pm and it is rainning and lighting outside and has been for the past hour……WHERE WAS IT WHEN WE NEEDED IT FOR AN HOUR AFTER 7PM!? Dammit.

Manslaughter’s matress had pee stains on it!!! I am absolved! I am not the bedwetter!!! Mwahahahahaaaaa!!!!


   Now remember, you can’t have manslaughter without “laughter”!

  I’m really excited that my aunt, uncle and cousin are coming to the show tonight They’ve never been to a show I’ve been in so I’m pleased as punch that they finally get to. Plus Grease happens to be a big favorite of my little cousin Erin….I wish I was in a few more scenes… but I usually make the ones that I’m in count. And I am for sure going to be on the side of the greeting line where your face can be seen. The Cheerleaders are just going to have to endure a nerd being near them. Sorry bitches, but my family is going to SEE me tonight.

    The summer is comming to a close, and the only thing that I, well, not regret, but feel sad about is that I don’t have time to go to Lily Dale and see my Grammy. Every summer I either have to work or take classes and don’t have time to spend with Grammy in that freaky little town. Maybe next summer? …probably not…