Monthly Archives: September 2005

   So, I have to go to work on Sunday  Yay! But, I still get to see a concert the night before. Whoohoo Nine Inch Nails (I consider my love for NIN’s music as the remaining afterglow of my angsty teenage years). I may get drunk tonight…Andy has promised to baby sit me (hee). I may not though because it is so freaking hot, and imbibing alcohol will only exacerbate things….still, it been a looooooong time since I got tipsy.

  Anyway, on a different note, I’m going to a get together with Andy for this girl he works with. So far so good, buuuuut, no one out here knows him by the name Andy. He decided to go by James (which is his first name) so when I’m around these people I have to remember to call him James….it’s freaking bizarre. And I feel like such an ass when I call him James cause that little voice in my head never fails to say “Why are you calling Andy, James? That’s unnatural.”


     People are very entertaining creatures, and I thank them kindly for populating the planet.

   (I felt the need to update, but had nothing to update about. So, that’s what you get for today kids! Enjoy!)

   I’m going hiking in a canyon tomorrow I’m soooo excited because I’ve never been in one. Hopefully I will encounter my spirit animal and have a spiritual quest revealed to me (in addition to my other spiritual quests, and *ahem* yes I do believe that tracking down Ewan McGreggor and cuddling him senseless is a spiritual quest…at least that’s what the buffalo at the amish zoo told me. *WINK*)

Hello from the wilderness!

    I’m going to Target today to see where they want to put me and when they want me to start…and I really want to get started soon, but I kinda like having days off, it’s been a long time since I’ve had more than 1 day off at a time, May in fact was the last time I had two days off together. So, I’m feeling a little lazy (AND I LIKE IT!)

   But while I’m at Target I’ll get some  much needed items like hangers (ahhhhh!). And then the plan is to go toAndy’s restaurant so I can have some crasee bananas! (A report on consistency and taste of said bananas will follow later today)

   The Tori concert was incredible, and it turns out it was the last stop of the tour so it’s the last one she’ll do till 2007. Fun fun fun times. When she came out I started to cry a little because I couldn’t believe I was seeing and hearing her live (and she is my absolute favorite artist). I hadn’t been to a concert since Lilith Fair in 1997 and I was waaaay out on the lawn for that one, so being close enough to see Tori’s face was pretty incredible.

   Two weeks till Nine Inch Nails! Yay!!

And of course I miss you all, my sweet Trumpet and Concord bitches

   I’m finaly here, and very happy to be here! Which is a relief since I was afraid that I might end up being really homesick. That might still happen, but right now I’m still too charmed with L.A. to start bitching about it yet. (and I’m sure I will).

   There was a little trauma for me at the airport…..and well, to make a long story short it cost me an additional $180 to get here….CRAP!

   Anyway it’s a gorgeous overcast day here in California, and you all wish you were me

Love and peace,


   Now here’s the real trick to moving, especially the way I’m going about it. What to take with you?

   I am trying to make my life fit into two suitcases, a carry-on and my purse. It’s a challenge. I find myself staring at a little bit a space in my suitcase and wondering if I should choose the picture album or the cute pajamas…if any of you even know me a little bit you know the answer. But it’s still weird that it should come down to that. I’m tempted to bring my backpack as a carry-on and pay extra for having another piece of luggage in the hold…or try to pass my backpack off as a purse mwahahaahaahaa!

   I know that mom will ship stuff out to me and that I can bring more out when I go back to Virginia for visits. It’s amazing though. I brought relatively very little with me to Ohio, and My Queen can vouch for that fact. But that small amount compared to what I’m restricted to in this case seems like an enormous amount. None of my stuff is out there waiting for me…I am an honest to God Gypsy now…or turtle, but I don’t think that I could carry that stuff on my back for very long.

  Last day at work was way too long. But the deli guy made me a really yummy sandwich, and everyone told me they’d miss me (I got lots of hugs). As for the transfer it looked a little shaky for a while and it looked like I’d be working @ that cafe with Andy. But now it looks like the transfer is back on…and I’m a little disappointed. Which is an example of my tendency to want to start everything fresh. But, as I told my Queen (my Queen gets mentioned a lot doesn’t she?), I draw the line at cashiering. I’ll quit if they try to make me do that, benefits be damned I’m not going across the country just to be miserable.

   I’m scared of flying, and this is the first time I’ll be flying by myself…hmmm. I’m not the type who overtly panics. I just do weird unconnected things to cope. I think my Queen can recall a time when I called her from a bar at the Phoenix airport after my plane had made an emergency landing. I can’t exactly remember why I did that as I sipped my coke and smoked a sanity reviving cigarette, I had left Andy to baby sit our carry-ons further back in the terminal (and oh my god isn’t that an awful word? terminal), but I think it might be because I felt the need to speak to someone who was unconnected to the event in order to be able to laugh at it right then as opposed to when Andy and I got home.

   Now this is turning into a rambling story. Unacceptable. I have some serious procrastination to get to.

   Send me angels for my flight PLEASE!

    Tinkerty Tonk,