Monthly Archives: October 2005

   Turn your clocks back one hour.


This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by the SupremeBeing™ All rights reserved, all wrongs revenged.


 Look, it’s me starting out on the journey to Oklahoma, and Brakefield thinks he’s coming too!

      For those of you in Oklahoma, and those of you who will be in Oklahoma in November this is a formal announcement that Andy and I are coming.

   Take cover, batten down the hatches, and grab your ankles ’cause here we come!

   So, what does an earthquake feel like, you ask.

   Well, it feels like some sumo wrestler just ran across the room and hit the wall. Yeah, or like a car hit the building. That’s what we thought it was at first. Then all the neighbors came out of their apartments in our building and the one across from us and the one across the street, and that’s when we figured out that it was an earthquake. And let me tell you they were not like the polite tremors from my childhood in Illinois (My Queen knows what I’m talking about).

  It was freaky…..but it was also freaking COOL. That’s right thrill seekers, you have got to get you some of this!

   P.S. I can see the Hollywood sign from the front entrance at work. It took me this long to notice ’cause of the smog. But it’s nice to know that whenever I need a sign, bam!, there it is

    I have to be at work tomorrow somewhat early, so of course I’m awake. Why? Because for the 10 hours that I was out of the apartment and at work today I did not eat……and now I am home and I have cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits!! I’m thinking of Sarah and Ryan as I eat these *pause to eat* I wish I could share them with you guys, *pause to eat* but that’s impossible.*pause to eat* So, that means there are more of the delicious cheezy bitches for me. *loooong pause to eat* Yay, I heart that game!

  I am very sad because I’d just written a huge entry about remembering how cool the 80’s and early 90’s were and Xanga just ate it, which is a shame because it was really funny. DAMMIT!

  Anyway I’m not going to rewrite it…call it sour grapes, I’m good but even I’m hard pressed to recreate genius. It was gorgeous prose my friends, it really was.

   I will however re-do a section that was a part of the monster-masterpiece I once read somewhere that the music from the time you were 12-14 years old is usually deeply imprinted on your mind as the most important, because at that age music matters to you the most. I’ve thought about it and I think that there’s some truth to that. At that age I did not miss an Mtv video premier or top 10 count-down, because all of that seemed to really really matter at the time. So, I want to know from the age of 12-14 what were your favorite albums, and do you still love them?

   I’ll start!

1. Ten Summoners Tales by Sting

  Half of this album sounds cheesy to me now, but the other half is classic. I still lurve me some Sting.

2. Achtung Baby by U2

  I’m not as passionate about U2 as I once was, however I do love every moment of this album.

3. The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails

  NIN is still one of my favorite bands, and I’m still amazed by this album

4. Nevermind by Nirvana

  I’ve outgrown it, but  some of the songs are still fun and it was such a cool thing when they first came out.

5. Use Your Illusion I & II by Guns n’ Roses

  Still like some of this, but I don’t love poor GnR like I used to. Sorry boys, you’re better off broken up.

6. The Best of Queen by Queen

  This was entirely the fault of Wayne’s World…you know what I’m talkin’ about. Still like it.

7. Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos

  I looove this album. She is my favorite artist and I love everything she’s done since.

8. Metallica (the black album) by Metallica

  Deep inside my heart there lives a little heavy metal fan, and she still hearts Metallica and this album

9. Changesbowie by David Bowie

I still love this, and I adore him.

10. Something by Def Leppard (I can’t remember what)

Yeah, I’m ashamed of this one, but I did love it and that’s why I included it. I DON’T LIKE THEM OR THE ALBUM ANYMORE, just thought I should mention that in case you know, just in case.

    So, I want you all to make similar lists, what was your favorite music from age 12 to 14 and what do you think of it today? It’ll be fun! What music helped make you who you are today? I want to know