Monthly Archives: November 2005

   Today is a lovely sleepy day Just been hanging out at home and napping and reading. Life is good.

  Meanwhile…at Target…. the first wave of christmas horror has passed now that the after Thanksgiving sale has ended and I am relieved. Things at work will be a steady annoyance until the week before christmas when we reach the crisis period and  you get to see people reveal what human nature is really about…loads and loads of spoiled rotten kids and bitchy parents/grandparents, crowds of humans deperately searching for that elusive object that will win them the love and respect of their offspring and fellow humans, constant moaning over the fact that they have to buy presents for the folks in the office and that they’ll never be able work off the christmas pounds, life is so hard, but somewhere in the world there are people who own nothing and have nothing to eat.

  I hate christmas. I really really do. I hate what it’s become, I hate how it turns people into salivating materialistic psychos. I like Christmas though. I like carols, and family gatherings, and Cristmas cards. I wish that Money hadn’t turned Christmas into christmas. I miss Christmas.


This looked like a hoot.

List 20 people you know in no particular order: and don’t look below.
1 Jenni
2 Andy
3 Aaron
4 Natale
5 Karen
6 Kahlil
7 Blaz
8 Gretchen
9 Jason V
10 Patzy
11 Kristi
12 Corey
13 Frank
14 Sarah G.
15 Sarah L.
16 Angela
17 Elizabeth
18 Jenn R.
19 Waylon
20 Carolyn

How did you meet 13?
At Trumpet when Andy introduced him to me as my new house mate

What would you do if you never met 5?
I would not have the same appreciation for cheese, that’s for sure. I’d also be a little sadder person for never having known the glory of a woman who loves to dress her cats in pajamas

Have you ever really liked 3?

Indeed, and he’s a splendid house mate.

What do you honestly think of 10?
She’s very intelligent, a great cook, very funny, a little naughty, and a fabulous downstairs neighbor. Kahlil is very fortunate to be married to her

Would or did 19 and 8 go out?
Oh my God, that’s fucked up. I totally randomly put Gretchen and Waylon as these numbers (I did not look ahead, because the directions said not to) It’s fate. There’s the proof kids… Waylon + Gretchen = 4ever.

If 1 died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need them to know?

The world would be a poorer place without her, and I would be a little mad at the world for going on without her. There is absolutely no substitute for her….none.

Would 2 and 18 make a good couple?
They would have really cute babies, but she loves Cam a whole lot and I don’t think the world is prepared for that kind of chaos *wiiiiiiiiiiiiink*

Describe 7 in 3 words
True, Brave, Hilarious

Do you think 12 is hot?
Well….I know he’s been baked…But I have never thought of him in that light.

Would 14 and 17 ever go out?
If they were gay they would be soul mates. But they’re not, and they’ve never met each other.

What do you think when you see 16?
That I wish she realized how truly talented she is

Tell me something funny about 11.
We were talking one day and all of a sudden she told me that for a few seconds she was convinced that I was Jesus in disguise here on Earth to teach her a valuable life lesson….It’s a true story. That’s how my good advice makes people feel, like it came from a divine source.

Do you know any of 6’s family members?
I met his brilliant and bald brother at a bowling alley once. He’s a very cool guy even though his name is Omar.

What’s 20’s favorite color?
My guess would be the colors of Fall…. btw aren’t those also the Sooners colors?

On a scale of 1-10 how cute is 19?
I plead the fifth. Bwahahaahahaaaaa!

What would you do if 4 just professed their undying love for you?
I’d be really surprised, but she is really cute……..nah, I’d let her down gently.

Who is 9 going out with?
No one to my knowledge. I broke him, no one will do after me

Does 2 have any siblings?
A brother, who he looks nothing like

Would you ever date 7?
I don’t have a penis, but if I did I would definitely let him buy me flowers.

Is 15 single?
Nope, she is a Mrs.

What is 10’s fantasy?
To be done with Grad School, I imagine, and in a lovely big house that she and her husband were able to buy due to their flourishing careers.

Where does number 9 live?
Maryland…..poor bastard.

Would you make out with 13?
I don’t think there is a word in the Yiddish language that could possibly describe how strange that would be.

How did you meet 15?
At an audition at our Alma Mater

When was the last time you talked to 20?
Much too long ago, I’m ashamed to admit.

What is 3’s favorite band?
Um either, Green Day or Metallica

Is 5 a virgin?
According to her parents, yes, according to REALITY, No.

Have you ever had a crush on 1?
No, but even if I did I would be destined for heartbreak as she is way too good for me.

What is number 2’s middle name?

Where is 18 right now?
Massachusetts….much too far from a lot of people who love her.

       Today is yet another glorious day off from work. I’m going to get my hair whacked off, and see a show at UCLA tonight Last night Patsy, Aaron and myself atteneded the cast party for the opening night of that show, and now we’re going to see it. We’re a little bass ackwards in that way, but I love it!

    So, today at work some creepy old wheelchair-bound guy (that smelled like pee) told me (after he had stripped off his shirt in the middle of mens-wear) to take his pants off and change his underwear. We called security and then we called him a cab.

   Then, I “apparently” chased off some rapper (Chingy) from the fitting room by not giving him special treatment. The rules state that you have to give the fitting room attendant your bags before you go in the fitting room… I told him I would keep his bag safe behind the counter, and then he decided that he really didn’t want to buy those Dickies.


Today’s Score:

JEANNE               CREEPY PERV               CHINGY

       2                                 0                                0


I still rule.

   So today on the ride to and from work, I was not hit up for spare change, or a cigarette, I was not rambled at by a psycho, and I wasn’t fondled by any crazy bums. The only thing that happened to me was some sweet old Mexican lady tried to share her lunch with me.

                           Today’s score:

          JEANNE         WORLD          MEXICAN LADY

                4                 0                    Dos


I rule.

   I have heartbreaking news. Target didn’t give me the days off that I requested, so I won’t be able to go to Oklahoma.

…I’m going to go cry now.