Monthly Archives: January 2006

It’s a Fine Line

   Am a touch cranky due to fact that all efforts to complete even one task at work were completely thwarted… but am inclined to look on brighter side since, after all, life is good and have Paul McCartney singing in ear right now.

Whatever’s more important to you
You’ve got to choose what you wanna do.
Whatever’s more important to be
That’s the view that you’ve gotta see

There is a long way between chaos and creation
If you don’t say which one of these you’re gonna choose.
It’s a long way, and if every contradiction
Seems the same, it’s a game that your bound to loose.


    I have blog-writer’s block. Isn’t that pitiful?




   Work sucks. Unemployment sucks more. Days off are heaven. And there’s no such thing as being bored when a belch can make you giggle.

   Now that I have the prelude out of the way I would just like to say that I am in British Comedy Heaven. Oh my goodness you should see the stack that I’ve rented. Black Adder, The Thin Blue Line, Chef!, and Jeeves & Wooster. Too much comedy to be believed and the lingering disgruntled thought of why can’t I have such a cool accent? British comedy is simply the English language put to its best use.

   Life is good.

         Well, I’m going to post while I still can. I won’t have ready access to a computer or the internet for a while because Andy took the computer with him to WV, and he’s not coming back for two weeks.

          So in a few hours I’ll be going back to LA, I’ve had a great time being back on the saner coast and seeing family. I wish that I could stay a little longer, but this was all the time that I could afford and it was time well spent. Even though I wish I could stay longer I still know that I’ve made the right decision about moving and that if I had come back to Virginia for good I would have been unspeakably depressed.  I’ll be glad to get back to the warm, back to the organic food, and back to all the endless possibilities 

       So, it’s the new year and here I am in Virginia. It is rainy, nasty, and the cold is kicking my ass….but I’m really enjoying myself. I stopped by my old Target and my former co-workers assumed that I was coming back for good, they were so happy to see me (they HATE the girl that is doing my old job. It’s really flattering). I also now have in my possession the first season of the Muppet Show on DVD… Attn: My Queen, I have beheld Shangrila, and it is good.

    New years eve was fun. I talked to Andy who was with the gang in WV, and he said to me “don’t let your family get too drunk or [rowdy]”, to which I replied “You’re speaking of impossibilities.” I’m happy to report that we all got just drunk enough and set off fireworks. In other news, Pop honored the new rule that Aunt Val made last year and kept his tipsy self off the treadmill (we’re all so unspeakably proud of him).