Monthly Archives: March 2006

I know I haven’t updated in for a while, but before I go to work I just want to Amen something that Ryan said about V for Vendetta. It really is outstanding, and I havn’t enjoyed myself like that at a movie for a long time. Go see it, see it twice. It’s interesting and a lot of fun.



             I’m long overdue for a post. Life is pretty darn good. Mandy came to visit us on the 6th and she’ll be with us till thursday morning. She and I are going to play Lord of the Ring Trivia Pursuit tonight….AT LAST! I HAVE SOMEONE I CAN PLAY THAT WITH!!


            Work is the same as usual. Boring. But the other day when I was getting a Jamba Juice I saw Chris Kattan…I was so hoping that he’d order a Manga A-Go-Go…but he didn’t.


A song by the title “It’s Hard Out Here, Fo’ a Pimp” won an Academy Award…..

It’s the end of civilization as we know it, and I don’t feel fine.