Shame on me for letting myself go this long without updating…. But, what can I say? I do procrastination oh so well. It’s nice to be good at something.

 WV was fun.

 CA is hot.

 And so am I!


       I am in Virginia right now…..which is cool because I love my family, but not cool because I hate Virginia. I promise though that this isn’t a post that will be a lot of bitching. That makes me tired and I can only imagine that that would make other people tired too.

       Last week I was in WV, and good times were had by all I got to see a lot of friends, and a lot of them I didn’t expect to see.

      Well, I’ll be winging my way to West Virginia on Thursday….score! And then I’ll be off to Northern Virginia for 2 weeks.

       In West Virginia there will be cake to be had as I am going to a wedding, an Irish wedding due to the bride and her family all being from there and of course the anticipation of lots of drinking (I aim to be prodigiously dronk) and the brewing of a truly legendary family feud. From all the smack talk coming from the mother of the bride methinks there may be an honest-to-God knock down drag out fight betwixt her and the mother of the groom (a groom’s-cake being smashed upon the head of the groom’s mother was alluded to)…..COOL!…. but I’m pretty sure that they will save it for the reception. My money is on the Irish lady (please contact Andy if you’d like to place official bets). Much fun will be had by all.

       Also I’ll be able to see lots of college cronies, and I expect besides the usual high-jinks (such a howling at the moon) we’ll be able to fit in a couple official meetings of the Agents of Chaos and B.O.R.A.. I will keep all of our field agents (you know who you are) abreast of any and all developments towards the furtherance of our noble goals. OHIO!

       In Northern VA I will grace the family with my sunny disposition and work at Target (yes, I WORK on my vacations, and yes it is so Scotch-Irish of me). Some of you may not realize that sweating my life away at Trumpet was my vacation last year. Many people cannot survive my idea of vacation , although I think that Vince has me beat by taking a 1,200 mile stroll as his vacation. I might also get to see Vickers, unless he thwarts me by working all the time (computer geeks! erg!) If he is free I have a fun day in D.C. planned ending with us going to the reflecting pool and mooning 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. Just ’cause, you know, dissention is healthy for the country.

       I really wish that I could swing up to Ohio while I’m on the saner coast, but I am way too poor to be able to. I am not made of money (though Andy possibly could be, I haven’t gotten the DNA results back yet). I will be thinking of all my sweet Trumpeteers the whole three weeks, and may the Force be with you all. I promise not to hog it all this time. See? I can be generous!

   Seeing as how I haven’t updated in …oh a month or so, is proof positive that I’m a bad citizen. Shame on me. But I’m so easily distracted by incidentals like books, shiny things and a Prairie Home Companion (did you know that Robert Altman has made this into a movie?). I haven’t had much to update about really other than Karen and Antionette’s visit to our little village was utterly delightful.

   Also, I’ll be home from the end of May to mid June. It will be awesome and I think that my skin will actually enjoy some humidity.

   Agents of Chaos, your fearless leader will soon be in your midst again. I can’t wait to cuddle you all to my bodacious bosom.

I know I haven’t updated in for a while, but before I go to work I just want to Amen something that Ryan said about V for Vendetta. It really is outstanding, and I havn’t enjoyed myself like that at a movie for a long time. Go see it, see it twice. It’s interesting and a lot of fun.


             I’m long overdue for a post. Life is pretty darn good. Mandy came to visit us on the 6th and she’ll be with us till thursday morning. She and I are going to play Lord of the Ring Trivia Pursuit tonight….AT LAST! I HAVE SOMEONE I CAN PLAY THAT WITH!!


            Work is the same as usual. Boring. But the other day when I was getting a Jamba Juice I saw Chris Kattan…I was so hoping that he’d order a Manga A-Go-Go…but he didn’t.


A song by the title “It’s Hard Out Here, Fo’ a Pimp” won an Academy Award…..

It’s the end of civilization as we know it, and I don’t feel fine.